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Mar 06, 2009


Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World

How about LT Toolkit from drcauto?

Tony Tanzillo

"How about LT Toolkit from drcauto?"

I believe the laws 'down under' are a bit different.

Steve Johnson

My understanding is that the main problem with LT-Extender was that it contained other people's code. To the best of my knowledge LT Toolkit doesn't, and the same applies to Owen's LTX, see here:


My view is that Autodesk was justified in shutting down LT-Extender (which infringed copyright), but the associated PR spin against other LT add-on developers (which didn't) was shamefully deceptive. Certain spiteful actions against those who dared to publicly point out that deception were diabolical. I'd like to think such crude censorship wouldn't even be attempted these days, but who knows?

Francis W.

Dou have more information in this "copyright reasons"?, it puts a little bit scary and seems uncertain to independent developers to continue develop applications with this software. nobody wants problems with the big red A company.

Today they announces a surprising (not surprising for many) wheel turn to Bricsys V9.

This is all unclear. We need your allways well informed and unbiased comments on this.

Hugh Fox

Disclaimer - I am not a lawyer, do not rely on me for legal advice.

The programs which work with AutoCAD LT, whether created in the US (Owen's LTX) or Australia (drcauto) are able to be produced and used because of very specific clauses in their country's Copyright Law.

Paraphrasing the relevant clauses: Independently created software programs are allowed to hook into a "base" program, so long as the "base" program is not an illegal copy;
and any clauses in License Agreements which preclude such action are void.

Copyright law is country based, so each country has its own law, however just before 2000 the EU, US, Australia (and probably many other countries) changed their Copyright laws (possibly due to requirements to check old software for Y2K issues??). These laws are what make it possible for people to "unlock" iPhones, etc.

The link to the relevant US Copyright law is in the link referred to in Steve's post above. Should you like to read the Australian Act (esp cl. 47D and 47H) see http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/Legislation/Act1.nsf/framelodgmentattachments/65BEBF1AAF02320ACA25743400200766 (you may need to cut/past that long link).

Exactly what LT-Extender was doing differently to get in trouble under German Copyright law we will need to wait for Torsten to advise.

I used to be with drcauto as Sales Manager, but left the company over 5 years ago for a "tree change" and have no current contact with any IT except as an end-user.

Hugh Fox

As the url for the Australian Copyright Amendment was cut off, here is a tinyurl to access it: http://tinyurl.com/dewjeu

Rene Tobler

Does anyone have information what happened to DRCAUTO?

We use their product LT TOOLKIT, but out of nowhere this company disappeared (no web, no phone, no email, no fax).
Unfortunately customers are forced to renew license codes on a yearly base. But now this seems nolonger to be possible!
We are really stuck now with this software.
Any help how to contact DRCAUTO or how to renew serial number would REALLY be appreciated.

Evan Yares

DRC-Auto was owned by Gary D'Arcy. He died, unexpectedly, a while back. He had a partner, a programmer, who, I thought, was going to carry on. Maybe he couldn't manage it.


I still got a renewal code for LT toolkit on
8/12/2009. From mei li (meil at drcauto.com).
Give it a try.

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