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Mar 09, 2009


Stefaan Boel

I would at least wait to buy a car until Service Pack 1 arrives :)

Tony Tanzillo

The only thing I would like to know is, is it programmable in LISP?

R. Paul Waddington

So Autodesk have, at last found a way, to get software to design 'products'.

This success is a great step forward for Autodesk and the Auto industry as they will no longer need or require any 'humans' to do design work.

It is also a big step forward for Autodesk and the software industry as licencing issues will vanish given that Carl Bass's guys will only have to communicate with their own creation, their design software, which will undoubted be extremely compliant in downloading new versions of itself whilst simutaniously designing the new consumer products it is meant to do.

But this does beg the question what happens if the software chooses to redesign itself, would that mean Autodesk would have to take the software to court to retain custody?

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