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Feb 09, 2009


Tony Tanzillo

How true, that the recession is overblown by media and politicians. The current unemployment rates are calm in comparison to the Great Recession of the early 1980s -- a time of which anyone under 40 would be unfamiliar. Both legs of my airplane flight Vancouver-Chicago-Orlando were packed full.

Ralph - With all due respect, I have to say that you are seriously out of touch with reality.

Not only is the current situation not overblown, it is far worse than most realize.

For example, of the total jobs lost in this recession, half of them were lost in the past 3 months, and things continue to get worse by the minute.

The reason your flights were packed full, is simply because the airlines have been cutting the number/frequency of flights, which results in fewer empty seats, less fuel consumption/passenger, and of course, lower operating costs.

We are in the early stages of what will eventually make the great recession look like a bad day on wall street.


Re: seatback video systems

While small they are a zillion times better than the shared TV's or projectors they replaced. The other night on a 747 to see 380 people watching what they wanted, when they wanted, was quite magical!

Bill Fane

"...the recession is overblown by media and politicians."

I firmly believe that much of the current recession was caused by and/or is being made worse by enough "experts" claiming that we are in or are heading for a deeper recession. As they make their predictions, companies begin laying off people in order to prepare for the recession. Meanwhiles, such layoffs contribute to the recession. The economy won't turn around until enough "experts" proclaim that the recession has bottomed out and that things are going to get bettter. At that point, things will get better.

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