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Jan 14, 2009


R. Paul Waddington

Ralph said, "I wonder if I could make $50,000 by showing that DWG existed prior to Autodesk?"

I can see no reason why you should not try, and I for one are happy to contribute and assist - for free: a reference found in the Australian Engineering Drawing Handbook, 1982 edition, Abbreviation Table 11.1 reads; 'drawing..... DWG or DRG

This table is preceded with this paragraph; "Table 11.1 contains general abbreviations of an English word in common use in engineering"

Obviously the use of DWG and DRG, as an abbreviation for the word 'drawing', was well established long before the edition I am quoting from but that just happened to be the earliest copy.

Also, it is interesting in John Walker's The Autodesk File .dwg rates several mentions; always as a file extension never as a file format!

John N

The patent seems rather thin to me. AOL was beta testing 3D avatars (in their own separate on-line space) around the 90 - 95 time frame. One could say that it wasn't a completely new development to go from that failed attempt to a functioning 3D virtual world. You might be able to patent the compression and other technologies that later made a 3D virtual world usable, but it would seem the concept was already out.

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