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Dec 03, 2008



Maybe Autodesk will swoop...

Matt Ritzman

Is SketchUp itself profitable?

Probably not. As you said, most of the downloads are the free version. But the program isn't a complete financial loss. I suspect that most of the people who use it professionally have shelled out the cash to purchase the Pro version. Even then, the Pro version is priced so low, I doubt it has a significant margin, even if it pays for development costs.

On the other hand, SketchUp is a fairly mature product by Google standards. It is part of an ecosphere of related products, it provides content for Warehouse and Google Earth. Both of these are much closer to Google's core competencies of search and ad revenue, and all three are extremely well integrated.

I haven't seen a lot of attempts to make a profit off of Warehouse or Earth. The money making methods are either very well hidden or they haven't been explored very deeply. I expect to see much more exploration of possibilities before the SketchUp product is in danger of falling by the wayside.

Will SketchUp survive the downturn?

No doubt, but I'm sure they'll be tightening their belts like the rest of us.

Royal Farros

SketchUp has certainly gotten important enough in the industry to ask this question.

Google won't shut down high traffic projects... because that's what Google does: Create huge traffic, then figure out how to monetize that traffic.

It's estimated that Google Earth has about 300 million users... and SketchUp is one of the key technologies that drive Google Earth.

So, like YouTube, that's huge monetization potential, can't see them giving it up.

Note, wasn't the Denver closure a consolidation of sales offices (not related to dev)?


"Now that bad times are upon it, customers want to know what's happening to products they rely on."

Here's to the new world of hosting all of your crucial email, documents, project plans, accounting data, and family keepsake pictures in "the cloud"!

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