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Dec 11, 2008



My father used to tell me people who brought lawsuits against others were the welfare citizens of our society. A judge should ask themselves if there has really been wrongs committed, or if this strategy by Autodesk is just another way to "compete" in the market. I think many would deside on the latter.
For all you AutoCAD customers out there, do you really approve of what your money is being used for? Lawsuits and overblown marketing budgets, how do they ever have enough left over to actually develop software? If only they would give a little of that cash to the worlds problems instead of Inventoring their own...

R. Paul Waddington

A part answer to AUTOCAD-INTELLICAD's question is no: many Autodesk customers do not like what they see going on.
But the problem is, even tho' they may not like what is being done, few will actually speak up and or do what I suggest; that is they write to Bartz and Bass stating their views and putting pressure on them to withdraw from these actions and to concentrate on the requirements of those of us that 'rely' on them and their products.

Ken Elliott

Orange? But everyone knows AutoCAD's trademark color is RED.

Hmmm... I forgot... They changed it to blue.

So now its orange? When did that happen?

I'd think SolidWorks would make the argument that changing the color constantly means they are deconstructing any correlation between color and trademark.

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