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Dec 10, 2008


Unrealistic Simulation

"Reading these documents leaves one with the impression that numerous other CAD companies are stuck in stage 2 (Digital Mockup), while Dassault is in stage 6 (Lifelike Experience)."

So do you buy the assertion that Dassault has successfully ticked the box on stage 5? I think not - they, along with the rest of the industry still have a long way to go. Come to think of it, Dassault have been getting beaten in deals for PLM (stage 3) lately.

Seems like they are declaring "mission accomplished" a bit too soon?

[Ed. note: IP address = PTC]

Which division is missing in this picture?


I think most CADD vendors are clueless about where CADD is going. They just don't get it.

CADD-like functionality will become middle-ware for mainstream, indirect use by many who are not trained CADD operators, like sales and support people and even by consumers and customers for CTO (Customized To Order) product configuration and sales.

That's merely an evolution of the online interactive experience that started with things like "click here to choose your color".

Imagine having your home in digital form (e.g. 'BIM') on your PC, and going to the website of a window vendor, where your home's digital model is queried. In just a few seconds you are presented with an estimate showing the approximate savings on your energy bill, as a result of installing a chosen model of window.

Even if the CADD vendors did get it, and had the wisdom needed to repackage their technology in a form suitable for use as mainstream middle-ware components, their utterly rediculous ideas about technology licensing costs would just make those eforts futile.

The point is that today many think of CADD as a highly sophisticated class of software appliations that are used exclusively by purpose-trained users, and that's the problem. CADD-like technology will become mainstream middleware that will enable rich, highly interactive eCommerce experiences.

It's truly astounding to see an entire industry sector that's as utterly clueless as this one.

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