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Dec 30, 2008


Tony Tanzillo

If they want actually wanted more to get on the maintainence/subscription bandwagon, all they have to do is stop using them as beta testers, or at least, offer a reward for documenting and reporting previously unknown bugs.

Using the customer base as unpaid QA/producting testing personel has never been a popular business practice.

John N

In the past, PTC has also demanded back payment of prior missed subscription dues, particularly to move to the current version. (eg: 2000i up to Wildfire) Or after more than 3 misses, you could just buy a new seat.
It wouldn't be so annoying if the process went smoothly, but each of the past 3 years we have to fight off a late fee because... (the notice was sent to the wrong department and for the wrong product, the agent for our account was reassigned, our Pro/E seats got mixed with the MathCAD seats which were on a different schedule)

If they have to extort annual dues for support, the first thing to fix should be the payment process itself.

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