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Dec 04, 2008



Been there myself... Was wooed by a company away from a firm I had spent a comfortable couple of years with but wasn't challenging me enough to learn and grow. Two weeks before christmas and only two weeks into the job, I was "self employed". Luckily the company that laid me off contracted me to do training courses and I ended up working full time the rest of that month. They hired me back when my contract was finished.
The question I have to ask myself whenver I hear stories of massive layoffs is, if your company is in trouble, as a Chief Executive, how much of a paycut should you take?
The answer is usually none, they ask for a bonus because they did so "well" cutting costs.
That company I was working for? The same bosses who laid us off before christmas didn't draw a salary until that coming spring to ensure those of us that were left stayed employed. Those people earned my gratitude and loyalty for that move.


And still going strong...I'm wearing my CADalyst Tee shirt today :-) I made a reader contribution just to see if they were true to their word, & sure enough, they FedEx'd my shirt all the way to New Zealand. Even declining my offer to contribute to freight.

Also, I have the dubious honour of having been made redundant on my birthday. Being a Tyco employee at the time, I thought it was the best present I ever had!

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