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Dec 09, 2008


Mike Puclett

Sounds like they need to send you a Space Pilot: http://www.3dconnexion.com/3dmouse/spacepilot.php

That has all the options you are recomending. The smaller Space Traveller in my opinon is not intended for everyday use.


You might want to give the Astroid from Spatial Freedom a try (http://www.spatialfreedom.com). This is a device invented by John Hilton who also invented the Spaceball. It is rather inexpensive @ $150 and it incorporates several of the items you listed as a need on the Navigator.


Devon T. Sowell


I stopped using mine 2 years ago. I just never saw the need for it.



I used to use a Spaceball 4000 and couldn't live without it. Bought a Navigator and hated it. I couldn't afford a Pilot so I bought a used Spaceball 5000 USB off of Ebay and am back in hog heaven. The 4000 was not supported by 3dconnexion and I needed a new driver for Edge ST. I recommend you get a Spaceball and try it again. You will find very soon, you too cannot live without one. BTW, I liked the ball better than the puck.

Stefaan Boel

1. check the wire! Should be at the top.
2. well it's a spacenavigator, try the spacepilot or explorer if you're really want to benefit from a motion controller.
3. gave it a week to learn playing with it
4. I have the same at home with the nice bag as a gift from 3DCon. It is light, it is small, it's great for traveling and I don't lift it up while moving. Put the sensetivity to max and just the touch of a feather is al it needs...

Just my $0.02

Ken Elliott

I've used these things since the mid 1990's. And love them. But when software support for my old SpaceBall (serial port) went away, I switched to the Space Pilot. While overall, it is a much nicer device, I hate the puck. The ball works so much better that I can't understand why they changed it. I've discussed this with 3dConnexion and they have no intention of changing. I have the small SpaceNavigator at home and it goes unused. Like you discovered, it is too light, oddly shaped and when you accidentally rotate the base, it gets very confusing to operate. My next device will be be the Spacial Freedom Astroid, since it has the ball and is much cheaper than the SpaceNavigator. If the SpaceNavigator had a ball, then I would buy one in a second, as I really love the device.


Sounds more like some other mental motor/spatial orientation issue.... the first 30 minutes of use i knew what was what and could do it blind folded, not that i had to even look at it. it's all very natural feeling.

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