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Nov 25, 2008


R. Paul Waddington

A union worker gets jailed for accepting money but company executives don't even tho they have thrown away money that what not even theirs???

Does this mean the union guy 'asked' for the dosh in return for a favour and the company exec's didn't have the balls to stand up to him or;

does it mean the the company exec's offered the money - in return for a favour - and the union guy simply accepted a 'gift'.

If the first is true then the jail term is understandable; if the second is true then it would appear, to me, company execs are seen differently when punishment is to be dished out. I would rate the exec's behaviour as being the worst of the two as they held trusted positions with the company who lost all the money?

Basically no penalty has been dished out to the exec's has it?

I think the 'Scales of Justice' need to be recalibrated!


Wow, i don't know what to say!


evidently crime pays in Germany...... pathetic

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