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Nov 13, 2008


al dean

Reckon it will slide enough in time for AU? HO HO HO

>Autodesk'll be able to pay cash.

For what exactly?


How do you figure? B/c of market cap at 1.34B? MC is not enough to value an enterprise. You at least need to add debt and preferred shares, while subtracting cash and cash equivalents.


You just posted that Autodesk is tanking http://worldcadaccess.typepad.com/blog/2008/11/adsk-yup-theres-a-recession.html
Meanwhile PTC had a record Q4 and a record FY08 and Dick Harrison is on FOX News telling the country not to freak out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrDRMfUVYpg

Rob VH

That would be an exciting acquisition because Autodesk would then own a better 3D CAD tool than SolidWorks (not to mention PLM).

I have yet to see even the slightest real evidence of PTC's interest to sell though, and the rumours started flying only near the end of PTC's fiscal year. It smells like competitor FUD.

Kishore Nellutla

Good time for Autodesk to give right punch to SolidWork, Autodesk need to utilise this opportunity to get the edge over SolidWorks.


What is the value? Why not leave them there to suffer as they have for so long? I would say it is better for all if PTC stayed a competitor. Autodesk could not swallow PTC even though they might be able to afford them. Autodesk is anti PLM and PTC is all about PLM... so how do the parts fit togehter? Does Autodesk delete Windchill and keep on Pro? Does Autodesk join the PLM ranks?

Why not leave them there is just compete?


I heard this story is 100% BS...and since I can't find it anywhere else...it must be.

Vic Gall

Autodesk is losing possitions against SolidWorks, this is only a sweet gift to Autodesk by PTC, even with this purchase, Autodesk will be always a 2D


Autodesk already has a better package than Solidworks and why buy PTC? It doesn't fit with their message or direction product wise.

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