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Nov 07, 2008


Franco Folini

According to Chris Anderson the long tail works when you have (1) close to zero storage costs for each item in your catalog and you have (2) a "very long" list of item in the tail.
As author of e-books, you meet the first requirement but not the second (40 titles is not a long tail).

IMHO nothing wrong with the theory as long as we are within the two main constraints.

Amazon can benefit from the long tail selling physical books because they outsource storage of items in the long tail to authors and manufacturer reducing their cost per item close to zero.

Garth Coleman

Reminds me of one of my favorite cartoons:


Interesting article. My tail is very short, with only 3 ebooks offered. I think I've cleared something like $5 for the year so far. :) Of course, 3 x 1000 x $5 wouldn't be bad, but that would interfer with my life as I couldn't make a living off of $15000/yr.

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