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Sep 03, 2008



High tech espionage or just clumsy handling of sensitive info? I'm waiting for the sequel to this mystery. :-)

Steve Johnson

Ah, a good old mud-slinging contest, what fun! I don't care who wins, but somebody pass me the popcorn. I have a couple of questions:

- How do you "return" a list that's presumably an electronic copy?

- How does Dassault know what's on Siemens' intranet?

Finally, I should point out that stating that an allegation "could not be confirmed" is not at all the same thing as a denial.

R. Paul Waddington

"High tech espionage or just clumsy handling of sensitive info?", it had to be one of these, a person showing some intent or,
was it simply that De'Salt use 'A Desk' product and Zeemans has managed to use CIP to mine and transmit the data? ;-)

Pass the popcorn indeeeeeed ;-)

Bash Outsourcing

Its interesting that no reader seems to have noticed the irony of (presumably) a Frenchman stealing proprietary customer info - far more lethal than source code -from a French company in France and giving (selling?) it to a German company. If the same had been done by an employee of a company in Asia that's doing outsourced software development for the same French company, all hell would have broken loose, dont you think? You would have heard all the 'smart' folks all over the western world talk about how 'outsourcing' is a huge threat for 'intellectual property'. No? Speak up, ladies & gentlemen.

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