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Aug 06, 2008


R. Paul Waddington.

Autodesk cannot even defend their EULA, its outrageous demands and its dubious claim to be a contract.

There is NOT A SINGLE PERSON in the Autodesk organisation with the ability to simply sit and talk with a customer about these important issues why bother pursuing a completely worthless, costly, fight that will have NO tangible rewards for its customers?

It is way past time for Autodesk's board, and management, to realise the waste and futility of all these actions, pull in their horns, put their tails between their collective legs and slink off and get on with producing better products.

The latter effort will win accolades for Autodesk; its actions against ODA, Vernon and the like simply continue to show, we users, how little Autodesk regard our importance and to draw criticism. Why pursue actions that will add to an already tarnished reputation?

R.Paul Waddington.

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