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Aug 04, 2008


Matt Lombard

In the past it was always considered good news for end users that DS kept their hands off of SW. How can this new change be considered good news? A big company is becoming much bigger and less personal.

Mike Puckett

The only real benefit I could see would be the ability of Solidworks to directly open a catia file, and vice versa. Hopefully the relationship will end there. As far as the name change, is anyone going to use that long drawn out name? I'm not changing the user group name to that. Solidworks has become a trade name similar to q-tip or frisbee.

Robin Capper

Nope, afer a single copy/paste update it's still just "swkf" for me anywhere I type - ActiveWords 1: Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation 0 :-)


So they are changing the corporate name to fall in line with the mothership's dictate, and thus "clarify" the Branding (which is not necessarily the legal corporate name). Furthermore the Product name is not changing, so you journos can safely go on calling the product "Solidworks".

However, if they are trying to establish Brand recognition, (CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, Solidworks, SIMULIA...) then why do we keep seeing expensive ads on CNN/BBCWorld for Dassault Systemes? (with no mention of said brands!!?)

Oh, it's all so perfectly clear...

Al Dean

I can never type SolidWorks anyway, it ALWAYS comes out SolidWroks.

I might just start referring to them in other ways...

FOAC (French Owned and Cheap)
FOAE (French Owned and Expensive)

Let's just hope Siemens don't want the same treatment with What next:

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Automation and Drives Division Product Lifecycle Management Solutions Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology

is going to give me RSI..

sorry, Repetitive Strain Injury

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