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Jul 09, 2008


Tony Tanzillo

Are we to presume the study takes into account data interoperability roadblocks Autodesk has placed on the entire industry, or just Bently, or perhaps only ODA members?

This agreement between the two biggest players, appears to serve the purpose of hindering all of their competitors, which leads me puzzled as to why it is getting applause from so-called interoperability proponents.

Data interoperability is not a one way street or an exclusive, members-only charter.


To me, it appears that interoperability proponents are the big losers, as they will no longer be needed to bridge the gap between Autodesk and Bentley software.

(History: Autodesk originally set up IFCs to deal with the problem introduced by AutoCAD Release 13's ability to create ARX-defined objects, making DWG files incompatible with themselves. Autodesk eventually spun off IFCs to the IAI, who have not fully solved the problem over the intervening years. Autodesk then came up with Object Enablers to solve the proxy-object-generated interoperability problem among its own apps.)

OEs were mentioned in the tele-conference.

Tony Tanzillo

I believe this is the source of the data:


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