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Jun 23, 2008


Steve Johnson

US and Canada only, of course. Is there a Subscription obligation associated with the upgrade? The offer doesn't say so, but that's frequently the case with these honey traps. What's the difference in annual cost between LT Subscription and Inventor Professional Subscription?

Limey Frog

You are not obligated to purhcase the subscription.

Yes, subscription costs are substantially higher, but is inline with it's main competitors, SolidWorks and SolidEdge.

Tony Tanzillo

Interesting that in the wake of a release of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, that many have concluded are unusable, we have a sale on one of the products targeted at AutoCAD users.

Could it be that an unusable or barely-usable release of AutoCAD and LT are by-design, a tactic that's being used to coerce crossgrades to model-based products?

R.Paul Waddington

Looking at this promotion one can immediately see a relationship between Autodesk (the Walrus) and its customers (Oysters) as it exists in that famed fable.
Lots of nice thing said and promised by the Walrus, to the Oysters, but hey they were always going to be food to be exploited.
If Autodesk could demonstrate that this move would make the LT customer more money than he can with his LT I would say that would be the way to go: but experience, reality and truth tells many of us otherwise and those buying into this scheme should think very carefully about where they are headed and with whom.
Autodesk has NEVER been able to justify, or verify, any of their claims for productivity increases and this promotion should be treated with a large quantity of scepticism.

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