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Jun 27, 2008



Good news, but I just can't drink the Steve Jobs cool aid. OS/X is quite proprietary, too - what does Apple charge for each OS update?

Also, despite what some people claim, for any configuration I'm interested in, MacPro's are massively more expensive for inferior hardware (e.g. $1400 vs $2400).

And the difference between Microsoft and Apple is.. what exactly?

al dean


yup - there's a lot of press peeps using macs and there always have been - I changed this year and haven't looked back. I have a big ol workstation in my office for running CAD apps on and that's all I need. the macbook air is battery efficient, lets me run all my office apps, link into our hosted exchange server (entourage does some very clever things that outlook doesn't strangely - Project Management for one).. its a nice bit of kit that doesn't require a huge freaking bag to drag it around in.

oh and the keyboard, for a professional writer, is a bloody dream - I was practically crippled with arthritis (I'm 32) the last couple of years and now its getting much better. so, yeah - they might be a touch more expensive, proprietary as hell - but I love them.. and I never thought I'd say that..


«CAD vendors who are not locked into Microsoft's APIs will benefit.»

I wonder: what CAD vendor today is not tied to MS's APIs? From Autodesk to SW to Siemens PLM to Bricsys, they (almost) all use them. And it's going to be a long time before it's otherwise, I'm afraid, more so when customers accept to get by with virtualization software or dual boot.

P.S. Some trivia: just this morning I installed Bricscad V8 demo in Ubuntu Linux 8.04 through wine emulation. The program kind of works, but it has graphic glitches that prevents any real work.

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