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May 19, 2008


Colin Larkin

10. Double-Click the Title Bar icon.
11. (Very Popular) Choose 'End Task' from the Windows Task Manager :)

Ronald Montesano

12. At the command prompt type
(command "quit")
and press the enter-key.

Ronald Montesano

13. In Windows XP choose Run ... and type cmd and the enter-key
Then type taskkill /f /im acad.exe
and the enter-key.

Ronald Montesano

taskkill /F /im acad.exe

from Start>Run... works (without type cmd)

Bill Fane

12. Widows Start menu: log off

13. Windows Start menu: shut down computer

14. "The Blue Screen of Death"

15. Unplug power cord.

16. Don't pay electric bill; utility co. shuts off power.

Jimmy Bergmark

12. Right click on Windows Taskbar and choose Close.

Besides there are some bugs that can be triggered and get AutoCAD quit really fast.

Marcel de Klein

Throw your cup of coffee on your PC.
Also works very good for other CAD systems. (I know...)

Jim L

And after all these ways to Quit, I'll ask the question:
"How did a credit card ballon the number of ways to quit?" Unless this is a spin ogg of revolving credit.

Visa? Ralph, back to the copy editor... :)



Henrik Vallgren

On AutoCAD 13, the undo button, also known as "powerexit" ;)


Go to your nearest progeCAD reseller and purchase a copy of progeCAD 2008 Professional, save around $4500.00, take a vacation until your AutoCAD subscription runs out! :-)

Steve Johnson

There used to be an END command too. That command saved the drawing (there was only one back then) and then closed AutoCAD. It made life interesting for people who issued the END osnap override at the wrong time. These days the command is still there but it just informs the user the command is discontinued.

More obscure still is the old ENDSV command that saved the drawing and also some kind of vector file before closing AutoCAD. I never knew anybody who had any use for such a file, but I assume it must have been used for something.

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