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Mar 05, 2008


Stefan Boeykens

Our students (of architecture) have been pointed to that site for the last two years. It is only last week that I noticed that AutoCAD Architecture has been included. Previously, to access AutoCAD, they needed to install Civil3D or one of the other "verticals" based on AutoCAD. Initially, the site only hosted Revit and Inventor and a few others (e.g. VIZ), but ADT and AutoCAD were not amongst them.

I appreciate the effort of Autodesk. Now I should still try to convince our students that the "watermarks" in plotted documents are there for a reason. It is an issue, when students have to defend their design for a jury, with "AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT" stamped onto the borders of the page. They often prefer an illegal copy, when they discover this watermark.

Erik Deyo

I teach part time at a local college where students don't have access to a school email, ex. the .edu extension. The site allows me to invite them. I find it really nice to be able to do that.


Scott Sheppard

When students defend their designs for a jury, isn't this in an educational setting? As such, why is the "AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT" an issue?

Bill Fane

I have pointed my students (also at BCIT where Ralph now teaches) to the Autodesk student site for several years now. They love it, but I do remind them of the watermark. As part of their final term, our students do a term project wherein they work for a local sponsor company as though they were a consultant.

Last year one student was working on a project wherein he created a library of standard details and a VBA program to automate their insertion into host drawings.

Unfortunately the "student version" watermark follows anything pasted or inserted into a host drawing, and doesn't turn up until the plot on paper. By this time he had inadvertently "polluted" several hundred drawings. Deleting the pastings or insertions does not remove the watermark.


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