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Mar 27, 2008


Jim Lonley

VersaCAD!, You old dog, you!

I love VersaCAD. I am an AutoCAD user (since R13) but still have VersaCAD/386 and a copy of VersaCAD for Windows 2003.

Now, there's one lesson Autodesk could learn from. Must confess that I can not get my head around Lisp and.... Visual Basic??? What's with that. I remember Basic when it was just that.... "Basic". Anyway, I could reasonable preogeam in VersaCAD's CPL (A C-Like programming language) It was easy. JUst record a macro - which itself wrote CPL code. Then with the CPL help in hand (also in the days when you could have it "in hand") one could learn by tweaking and expanding on the macro written CPL code. Now, if the new AutoCAD macro recorded wrote LISP files, what a head start that would be foe newbies!

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Jim Oldguy Longley

rachael Dalton-Taggart

Dassault is a victim of its own acquisition success. In my view it has acquired companies without having an existing brand strategy in place to deal with the naming problems that accompany this kind of business development. This has resulted in an incredibly confusing set of diverse product naming regimens that can leave you pretty brainless after slogging through the company web site.

That being said, they are making an effort. But is it the right one? I say no - at least thus far.

DS' most recent 'rebranding' press release (http://www.3ds.com/news-events/press-releases/release/1743/1/?no_cache=1) announces that it has changed the name of its North American location from Delmia Corp to Dassault Systemes Delmia Corp. (well, there's a switch!)

Earlier this year it started to really try and align its Enovia products by promoting the Enovia names in front of MatrixOne and Smarteam, as well as its original Enovia product. This is a start but by no means clear for the end user - yet.

I am not panning DS for trying: indeed, they have a heck of a problem to tackle here. The product naming has been way out of control in recent years. I just hope they aren't paying a branding firm too much for the results they are getting...


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