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Feb 24, 2008



I think that the author might suggest that you no longer need to work with the bottle neck of the Amazon's of merchandizing by setting up your own store and getting 100% of the sale per week. Of course you then need to deal with credit card processing etc. but it would then leave you free to do the marketing etc. yourself - essentially moving your fate into you own hands instead of dealing with large companies and their agendas - either publishers or Amazon types. You basically just have to be able to be found by Google so that your small but targeted audience can find you, and then cut out all the middle men that siphon off the small bits of profit to be made. Making a discreet post in the relevant forums would also raise your profile with people that care about the topics you are working on.

I don't know how the TidBits http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/ model of PDF publishing is working economically, but they created their model early and are still at it, so I would guess that it is working for them enough to keep doing it. The idea of selling PDF books for the same cost as paper books just doesn't work for me as a buyer. I believe that the author should be compensated for their work and ideas, but the production and distribution costs are so much lower that I expect those savings to be shared with the readers.

I think that we need to step back and re-examine the system as a whole to see what the new economics really mean. I have electronic reference books on my computer and I have paper books hanging around too - both are good and I see the merits of both. My mind is open on the topic and would welcome discussion, because I really do think the market and the world of marketing is changing.



Hey Ralph, great write up.

I've never liked Anderson's term he came up with, but I guess it describes the phenomenon the best.

I look at it in terms of finding information. It's relatively easy to find a lot of info on cars, but when you get more specific, the sites that provide that more specific info can build a bigger audience than a mega-site like amazon.

Glad you read the book. Nice to see someone interested in this side of business.


Amazon v. Borders and Netflix v. Blockbuster is not an accurate comparison. Netflix is nothing like Amazon. True, they're both online, with almost infinite online catalogs, but Netflix is a flat rate for unlimited content, where Amazon is just a store that keeps costing and costing. I think that BookSwim may have been a better analogy. Just like Netflix, they rent books online for a flat monthly fee. They even run on Amazon's gigantic catalog, so the selection is definitely there.

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