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Feb 04, 2008


Jim L

To Quote: "(Probably the same reason TabletPCs are never popular.)" -
And so... that's why you now have a Tablet PC, because its not popular??? :)




I bought it to test out tablet-based software. Having used it, I would never buy another one because it is hard to use: I need to hit the screen hard (not just touch, as on a PalmPilot) with the stylus or finger for the taps to register.

Last summer, I had numerous reasons to buy this particular model:

1. My daughter needed a notebook computer for school, so I gave her mine.
2. I wanted a smaller notebook computer for travel (this one has a 12" screen).
3. I needed Vista for the next generation of books I'm writing (and wanted Vista "for free").
4. And at the time, this HP notebook had a touch screen, excellent specs, and was about $1000 less than the usual price for a touchscreen.

But given all the hassles of Vista and the touchscreen, I would not recommend the pair to anyone else. I am taking on the pain for my readership!

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