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Feb 19, 2008




I get the same trash from them. I have heard several complaints from people about this company, including from resellers who sell their product. I have bought one course from them (2008 Update), which was reasonably well done, but definitely a superficial treatment of the topic. Sometimes for a great product you can excuse questionable business practice, but there doesn't seem to be any offset with these guys.

Deelip Menezes

Dont click the unsubscribe link. They use it as a validation method to confirm that an email is active and then keep you high on their list.

Rachael taggart

I am happy to say that they didn't manage to get my email address...yet...unlike certain other CAD sites that seem to manage to get all 8 of mine, repeatedly!!
(This means that I don't Get It...yet)


Shaan Hurley

I got it back in December multiple times. I even received an email from a person there regarding my blog post. They said they would look into it. Luckily I have not been bombarded with the latest blast.

Between the Lines: i get it, it = email spam

Jim @ autocad software

Maybe you could send them half a dozen responses stating that you got it the first time including all the other times!

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