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Jan 02, 2008


Jon Banquer

Surfware either needs to sell out like Bill Gibbs did or move Surfcam inside of something like SolidWorks. It use to be that Surfcam and Mastercam were the dominant players in mid-priced CAM. Mastercam is now the clear market leader in this category and Surfware has basically fallen off the map.

As far as Cimatron acquiring Gibbscam, this is the best possible thing that could happen to Gibbscam customers. Development of Gibbscam has slowed to a crawl. The CAD part is Gibbscam is just horrible and Bill Gibbs's vision for what CAD should be is totally dead. Gibbscam needs a major rewrite to support things like a real Operation Manager rather than what it has right now... an Operation Manager that is really just an operation viewer. Further, Gibbscam
needs support for machining groups rather than tossing every machining operation into just one machining Tile List. Having all machining operations in just one machining Tile List makes things very difficult to
manage when you have many machining operations. Bill Gibbs let the basis in Gibbscam get away from him and now
Gibbscam is badly broken. The Gibbs Tombstone Management System should be done in house. Gibbscam *could be* a market leader in this area. In fact it *should be* a market leader in this area! Cimatron can fix this. They write far better software than Bill Gibbs's developers do and they have far better vision for the tools that are needed than Bill Gibbs has had in the last 8 years or so.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Biff Chadwell

Bill Gibbs just got a BOATLOAD of cash and stock options. He's done. Time to go fishing. The "salary" he's being paid to stay on is just for image.

Happy retirement Bill!


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