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Nov 07, 2007


Jim Longley

For verification of your facts, could please indicate source of statement "Dilbert's Law of Mergers"
(As I am employed in firm that has just 'merged')

Jim L

Bill Fane

It has been my observation that the 15% rule is probably about right, but it is usually the wrong people who worry about it.

When two companies merge to form a bigger company the resultant company still needs about the same number of lower-level people to do the work, but they don't need two presidents, two CEO's, two sets of VP's, and so on.

It's the ones at the top who have most to fear, not the ones at the bottom.

Randall Newton

The CAD/PLM industry needs to consolidate and will consolidate. There are strong technological and business pressures behind this consolidation.

Those of us who are part of the industry should remember the founding idea behind The CAD Society: the company on our business card changes from time to time, but we are still part of the industry.

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