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Sep 24, 2007


Evan Yares

Good tech editors go bad?

Why... did you *really* mean "flummery?"


You may be right. On re-reading things, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps Ralph DID mean "flummery", especially when reading the second paragraph of the definition:

"Flummery is also an empty compliment, unsubstantial talk or writing, mumbo jumbo, rubbish talk, meaningless and pompous ceremonies, and nonsense".

In particular, note the words "mumbo jumbo", "meaningless", and "nonsense".

Bill Fane

Al Dean

Not the first time I've heard "Bland in Nature" and British cuisine in the same paragraph...

I'm english, I live near Wales and I've never heard of such things, but the idea of gelatinous porrdige set in a mould really does appeal to my sense of humour - but I won't be eating it, on that you can rely..

And if you think that sounds rough, you should try Lardy Cake...its Cake and its Lardy..

See you in Paris

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