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Sep 11, 2007



You can't blame Microsoft because Creative won't make drivers for Vista. I've downloaded and installed Logitech's Vista setpoint for my Logitech MX300 wireless mouse and keyborad without any issue. Microsoft also isn't responsible for Palm getting their stuff out either. It isn't like Vista snuck out of blue. I had been using Vista for a year and a half before it was released. I'm sure that Creative and Palm had access to it far longer than that.

I think you have something set up incorrectly. I am always prompted for a password when I login or resume. It's funny how the cancel or allow is a great feature in OSX, but it is considered a "bug" in Vista.

How many viruses have you heard of for Vista now?

It's OK Ralph. Change is good. I don't like going back to XP now. Let go of your anger for Microsoft. It will be OK.



I would argue that it is Microsoft's fault for creating a replacement operating system that is so incompatible with its predecessors, yet delivers little additional value to end users.

Tony in SV

Yes, you can blame MS, because they changed the driver model for Vista for no good reason (to support DRM / disabling drivers).

How many times has the Linux device driver model changed?

Herb Fuhrer

I wholly agree Ralph - Ubuntu is easily less annoying than Vista, and several magnitudes more efficient. Try Mepis for an even bigger grin.

I give up trying to like Vista.



So if I can't run Inventor or Solidworks under Ubuntu is that Ubuntu's issue or Autodesk's and Dassault's? By your logic, it would be Ubuntu's issue. Looks like they have some work to do.

Microsoft is starting to break compatibility with legacy things to get rid of the problems that have been dogging Windows for a while. Now, I won't totally disagree with the DRM thing, but I don't think they are as evil as you would like to believe they are.

I don't know how many times the Linux driver model has been changed, and I suspect not many other people know either. If I can't run my software in it, I don't care.



When I first found out that Vista would not support my new Open-GL card, I started looking at Linux. I've since found that I dearly love Ubuntu... it installed flawlessly on both my desktop and a brand-new laptop. Every hardware device was recognized on the first try. (video, sound, network, USB, etc.) I've never had that happen with a Windows product. I wish the major CAD-CAM vendors would see the light.


Tony said:they changed the driver model for Vista for no good reason

Huh. What an intersting worldview.

In my world, however, they moved them out of kernel mode (except for graphics drivers, and even they aren't totally kernel mode).

So there's a "good reason" right there; in fact, it's huge for stability. A crappy audio driver can't crash the whole system, because it's not running in ring 0.

(And let's not confuse signed drivers with DRM. Requiring signing of kernel-mode drivers on X64 is not "DRM".

Or, as Bott put it, Everything you know about Vista DRM is wrong.)

(Full disclosure: I've run windows since 3.1, MacOS since System 6, and linux since the 1.2 kernel, and I run all three OSes (both XP and Vista on the Windows side) to this day, at home, because I find them useful - I have no platform-partisan axe to grind.)

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