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Sep 13, 2007


Tilman Haerdle

I don't object if you critize any CAD system. But the way you do it in this post discredits your credibility. While I always wonder why vendors name their products after years that haven't started yet I don't see anything special about the way NNA does it. They are rather in accordance with ADSK.

And a remark to the claimed number of VectorWorks users: Porsche sells 100 times less cars than Volkswagen and still they are about to take them over completely by 2008 or 2009. You may observe that buyers of "small" brands (Apple, Porsche, Bang&Olufsen) do it for a reason while buyers of so called market leaders often (but not always) follow the FUD factor or the "1 million flies can't be wrong"-phenomenon.

So go ahead and bring substancial critique regarding VectorWorks and other CAD systems but spare us with absolutely silly posts like this one.


Autodesk was not the first with years in the product name, nor the last. I think it is far more important to discus what is in the product than the name or product box look. Many fiscal years and cars are a year ahead as well like the 2008 models coming to market now.

What about Wordstar 2000 from the year 1985..

Again it matters what is in the box and the day to day full time product users will report the details of their opinion on their blogs these days.


Gary Dary


To attack Ralf over this post is simply
unreasonable and unfair. I see you have a
vested interest in the product so you might
be sensitive to the words that Ralph used however I see nothing in his report on Vector Works more than reporting the facts.

If Vector Works has more than 400000 customers then let us all know! If they don't then as you point out who cares but don't shoot the messenger!

Regards Gary.

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