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Jul 05, 2007


R.Paul Waddington.

Ralph, touch base and or read Elise Moss's eZine relating to the installation of Inventor; Elise's comment, "One month of serious hand holding by Autodesk", should be a good warning that you best leave more than "another day" for your second attempt.


I get your point, it's poor documentation, but a couple of seconds with on the net would have found that info.


It's also likely that most don't get a box sent to them on the chance they'll try it and would be aware of the sys. req. by the time they wrote $5000-6000 cheque and got hold of the box :-)

Is it really viable testing/reviewing CAD software on such an old machine, esp something as "heavy" as Inventor? I run an older box at home but know how much better the experience is on newer hardware. You'd be more likely to be reviewing the machines limitations than the softwares.

Sunith Babu


I too got the Autodesk Review kit from a (PR), I did not find any issues related to the way one needs to install. Perhaps, I feel as the world is growing, everyone should be able to review and install any software. Further the version of AIP 2008, is very easy to install and NO trouble caused.

Sean Dotson

"one month of serious hand holding?"... and these are the people who are writing Inventor BOOKS? Of course consider the source...

I'll admit that Inventor (like SWX and ProE) have more complex installers than say a simple browser or virus scan software but come on people. It's really not that hard.

And I agree with Robin. While you might not see issues right away, that 6 year old machine is not going to do any serious work.

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