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Jul 20, 2007


Different tools indeed. The truth is (as ever) more complicated. The prices are much more competitive, the tool comparisons are more complex. All the while, the developing nature of software competition and hardware improvements improve capability and ease of use (read: practicality) to a greater audience still. To the consumer go the spoils so it is believed.

You're right, Inventor is definitely the minivan.

Ps. The article reads like an autodesk ad.

Rachael Taggart

All kudos needs to go to Autodesk's MCAD PR group for this one. It plays perfectly into their message.

It's a shame, though, that this journalist didn't seem to do enough research - where is Pro/E and SolidWorks mentioned - Both of whom were launched well prior to Autodesk's [Inventor] 3D MCAD offering? If you want my opinion (well, good question but I'll give it anyway) Pro/E was the ground-breaker in this market, SolidWorks brought in the much-needed competition, and Autodesk caught on in a 'me-too' activity much later on.

But I also don't want to discourage Busines 2.0 from noticing 3D CAD...it gets little enough attention as it is! I just hope next time they consult a few people first rather than simply taking the PR angle on board.


Dennis Jeffrey

Actually, Autodesk's first Solid modeling program was introduced in 1989, Called AutoSolid. The second modeler (designer) was introduced in 1993, with Mechanical Desktop ( still around today) introduced in 1994 a few months before Solidworks. Get the facts straight.....

R.Paul Waddington.

1989, Autosolid?
Just for fun have a look at what we were using as a solids modeller in 1985. An ICON driven gem of a package that ran on DOS and a 286 based cpu. Imported and exported AutoCAD files with no problems, ran very reliably, and as a result was much better than Autodesk's first effort which we used prior to 1989 and had heaps of problems and was never used for commercial purposes by us (probably by very few).

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