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Jun 26, 2007


Evan Yares

Dassault had a non-plugin based product years ago -- CATweb.

3DVIA uses a plugin. It's inherent to its design, and is an important factor in its interactivity.

It's also an important factor with AfterCAD RealWorld -- which uses Flash.


Ralph, were you hitting these sites in Opera or IE.

I know in opera i tend to get many of those unsupported messages, but occasionally I might get one in IE.

as far as plugins, it gets old, It'd be nice if websites would host the plug in to download, instead of having to browse through another site, and filling out yet another form

Biswaroop Todi

your topic is so excellent.
Global Associates and Convert2cad.us combined with resources to benefit the AutoCAD user & Job sites too. The process of creating and defining components and systems is both exciting and challenging. Design development, 3D mechanical design, electrical and plumbing drawing.

Brian Mathews

AfterCAD RealWorld also requires a plug-in to be installed: Flash.

Autodesk Freewheel does 3D without a plug-in for both MSIE and Firefox on Mac, Linux, and Windows. http://www.dwfit.com


Brian, Evan:

Thank you for the correction on RealWorld. I've removed my inaccurate statements about it.

Chris Boothroyd, CEO AfterCAD

Actually AfterCAD RealWorld is a pure Ajax solution and doesn't require Flash at all!

Ralph, if you remember the first demo we gave you (same one we gave Brian ;) we have a default set of ajax controls to move the model around, click on stuff etc. The demo is still up there and i'd be happy to demo it again to refresh folks memories. As CAD gets liberated from arcane, proprietary CAD formats, it needs to live in the web world and we offer a Flash player option to widgetize the RealWorld model so that forward thinking Web 2.0 types can use it in Blogs, mashups and most importantly, combine it with other Flash content. Flash is pretty ubiquitous, I believe its on about 94% of the machines out there so its important to offer that choice.

To be fair, PDF also has a respectable install base and with the excellent new 3D capabilities in PDF, it should also help make 3D a barrierless experience...and yes, we'll have a SilverLight option for those who need it.

I totally understand your fustration and nobody wants another 3D plugin to install, that technology is dead. Proprietary CAD formats like DWF, are just another barrier to access and that technology is dead too.

At AfterCAD we maintain our stance that while we have a one fits all solution, choice is imperative if CAD is going to evolve.

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