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May 04, 2007



Say it ain't so...

The art of the live demo is something that I've always cherished. Walking (i.e. making the menu picks) whilst chewing gum (i.e. telling the benefits story) is not as easy as you think.

"Disaster management" for situations like software crashes, projector failures, screen resolution anomolies, missing files, making a wrong pick, getting side-tracked, and hostile audiences is all part of the fun. There was even the old trick of wrapping the power cord of the workstation around your ankle so it could be discretely pulled if things went really badly...

Maybe this is inevitable though, just like the move to UAVs from the glorious days of dog-fighting aces?!

Adena Schutzberg


Just to be clear, Bentley didn't seem to be hiding the fact. Several presenters said, "I'm going to show you an AVI..."


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