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Mar 12, 2007


Colin French

Nice tip about direct interactive moving, but one little note: the left-click and drag operation works in my ACAD 2007 SP1 and ACAD 2006 SP1 too, so it seems it's not just limited to 2008.

Colin French

One further note: moving an object this way does not respect your current 'Snap' setting, unlike the regular Move command or grip editing methods.

Jarod J Schultz

Actually this is a feature that goes back to AutoCAD 2000!!!

Juregen Palme

Dragging the left mouse button AND pressing the Ctrl button you can COPY the selected object(s).


I NEED HELP PLEASE! Regarding this feature: when I've selected objects and then attempt to move them, the object does not visibly move as I drag it, but when I release the left mouse btn the object appears at the new location. Does anybody know what setting I need to adjust in order to keep the object in view while I drag it to it's new location?

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