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Mar 27, 2007



Ralph, you seem to totally miss the point.
It made me wonder if you had seen the posts about Kathy or just read second-hand opinion on them? These were violent, degrading, p0rn0graphy. I commented on the PSFK post as well because I really feel so strongly about this. The point is there are certain rules that as a civilized society we have created - we live in a society of free speech but within clearly defined limits - that is why there are race-hate crimes, that is why we do not want people to go around issuing filth ridden death threats etc.
The idea that the best way to fight a bully is to stand up to them sounds fine in theory, but the specifics of the Kathy Sierra case are different. This was bullying taken to a frightening, utteraly violent and sexually degrading level. How can you be in favour of this?

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