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Feb 05, 2007


George Tylinski

Considering that Vista has been YEARS in the making, to discover at LAUNCH DATE that OpenGL video boards (and therefore nearly all CAD users) are not invited is beyond appalling. Vista ready my a**.

The rosiest scenario would be that, what, a year from now the graphics driver software and CAD software sych up with an OGL revision that works ALMOST as well on Vista as XP.

By the way, if Vista is simply abandoning the tech users to satisfy gamers, consider this:



It is remarkable. But, the CTO of a CAD company tells me that they are still trying to figure out WHY their CAD software runs more slowly under Vista.

This could be another tough transition, like it was from speedy DOS to slow Windows.

Tommi P. Laiho

What I think now is that CAD software producers should stay in Open GL because its open system and good. They should start to offer they programs to Linux based system and forget Windows. I hope that the aim to destroy Open GL from Microsoft was their last mistake which lead the world to shift to Linux from Windows.

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