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Jan 25, 2007



Not so fast, my friend.

That deal includes taking on $1B in debt, and the sponsors put in more cash at a later date, as I recall. They are in for about $2.4B, give or take. If this deal is net of the debt, the financial sponsors actually lost money on this one.


Get out your calculator and try that again Brian. The Siemens deal includes assumption of $1B in debt, but the original deal that the 3 PE companies struck was 50% financed by debt, so essentially the debt was passed through. They invested a little more that $1B in cash and will get back more that $2B (plus whatever they made as dividends during ownership) so they actually cleared more than 100%.


I'm interested to see how large corporate users of UG (GE for example), that compete with Siemens, will react to this information.

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