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Jan 31, 2007


Tony in SV

I'd be interested in seeing a speed comparision. .NET is MS's best development system ever (OK, that's not saying much), but it's basically a slightly improved version of Java, and neither one is known for blazing speed.

Or maybe it's fast - but developed in unmanaged C++ code - which basically isn't .NET anymore.


Anonymous Coward

"VS.NET" = "Visual Studio .NET" (a development envrionment) != .NET Framework (the thing I believe you are talking about)

Tony in SV

No, I'm referring to the framework - how well it is designed. I have mixed feelings about the .NET approach, but it's much nicer to program for (using whatever tools - all you really need is a text editor and the command line tools, which IIRC are a free download), than anything MS has done in the past, including straight Windows API, MFC, or VB's libraries.



OK, I'll bite, what is the Direct 3D *koff* standard?? I googled it and got -0- hits.....

Don Bianco

Direct3D is part of Microsoft's DirectX API. It contains many commands for 3D rendering. Direct3D's main competitor is OpenGL, the open standard.

Type in Direct3D into google, and I guarantee you'll get millions of hits.

Ralph "coughed" at the fact that it was mentioned as the "standard."

Sunith Babu

Ok, so I feel better stick on to WIN XP than VISTA

We CAD prfessionals need speed than anything else . . .

I hope you got it . . .


OH! -cough-

hahahaha, obviously I spend ""way"" too much time in a "no fun" Microsoft infested literal world. well done!

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