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Dec 08, 2006


Robin Capper

If you mean only works in Vista not quite correct. Apparently .NET 3 installs the required components on XP and Server 2003.

Matt M

I don't think it will have much effect for a while - perhaps a year or more... But in the longer term, I think it will have a big effect on whether Autodesk users send out drawings in DWF vs. PDF...

While DWF is technically superior for drawings, today most of them still send out PDF drawings because Acrobat is on probably 90% of all (windows) PCs - and who wants to bother with instructing people on how to download a viewer?

I found a few more tidbits here:

Scott Sheppard

1. DWF files do have to be saved in the upcoming DWF 7 (a.k.a. DWFx) format.
2. The 2D data of DWF 7 files will be XPS documents. This means you can use Microsoft’s XPS Viewer which comes already installed on Windows Vista.
3. DWF 7 will be viewable by applications from Autodesk such as Autodesk Design Review 2008. For users who do not have an Autodesk viewer, they can use a Microsoft XPS Viewer. For example, I am running the Microsoft XPS Viewer on Windows XP SP2 today.
4. Although a DWF 7 file can have both 3D and 2D data, the Microsoft XPS Viewer will only show 2D. Viewers from Autodesk will provide the full experience: 3D, 2D, metadata, etc.
5. DWF is one of many 3D formats that are available on Microsoft operating systems.



>"Apparently .NET 3 installs the required components on XP and Server 2003."

That would defeat the purpose of having support built into the OS.

For XP, that means you either:

1. Download and install .Net 3 to get the viewer.

2. Or, download and install DXF Viewer.

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