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Oct 20, 2006


Scott Slavik

Ellipses are affected by the PELLIPSE variable. PELLIPSE 1 [polyline] ellipses can have thickness and can be stretched, PELLIPSE 0 (true) ellipses cannot have thickness or be stretched.

John Burrill

Thickness predates Nurbs objects in AutoCAD. I expect the support for the thickness property was overlooked when they were added to the software in AutoCAD R13. Thickness also doesn't work on Mtext or text with True-type fonts.
Interesting thing about MLINES, they're the only entity type that looks the same in Microstation and AutoCAD, right down to the dialog interface.
Truth be told, however, mlines and linetypes should have merged a long time ago. And actually, if you've used the display representation tools in Map, you can see that most of the legwork's already been done.
I could have bought a share of GM stock, but I decided to blow my two cents here.


Each year, Autodesk updates a major section of AutoCAD, so maybe 2008 will fix all the 2D problems.

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