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Sep 29, 2006


rachael Dalton-Taggart

We have clients that fall into many of the traps listed above when they are left to their own devices. However, one of the main challenges when dealing with development and engineering people is the diversity of style between 'us marketing types' and them, when it comes to writing a press release.

We love all our clients dearly, often both personally and professionally, but we come to moments when we feel the time has come to 'shoot the engineer' so we can get the product (in this case press release) out. The challenge for a PR professional is doing the shooting without the engineer realizing that it is being done.



I was contacted by a PR company who wanted me to talk about their client on my blog. Well, after perusing the client's website and receiving three lengthy 'press releases' from the PR agency... I still had NO IDEA what the hell their service or product actually was.
There was definitely a failure to communicate. ;)

Cindi Goodsell

Good advice as always. We PR people always appreciate gentle reminders :)


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