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May 15, 2006


Rob MacEwen

It might surprise you to learn that those of us who sell data management software don't "like" to express horror at those people who use windows explorer. It might also surprise you that we don’t recommend our solutions to everyone who makes inquiry.

The reality, based on talking with many many many customers is that while Windows file management works for some, for some others it leads to disastrous results.

Storing image files for later retrieval is a fundamentally different proposition than coordinating the efforts of multiple designers working on the same set of inter-related models, drawings and other documents, while keeping track of revisions, while at the same time ensuring release and change procedures are followed.

Horror is hearing about people flying to a customer site to photograph a machine so they can see what they shipped them. Horror is hearing a prospective customer tell you they lost several years of critical engineering drawings because backups were not kept properly. Horror is learning a prospective customer’s designers don’t search their own repository for existing designs but rather redesign everything from scratch.

Personally I and many of my peers work in this industry because we want to help people and the companies they work for become more productive. We listen to customers to find out how we can make them better. If we can we’ll recommend how to improve. If we can’t help then we won’t waste everyone’s time trying to force fit our solution.

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