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Apr 28, 2006


Patrick EMIN

For sure, George knows how to open new markets in far, far away countries, and everyone knows before rebuilding, you must think destructing. I must say there is a logic behind that, even if there is no moral.

Lonnie Woodall

WOW! How could a CEO with such stellar credentials make such an incredibly stupid comment? Carol obviously doesn't live in Ohio where over 10,000 manufacturing and engineering jobs have been lost since Bush occupied the oval office. I will never buy another Autodesk product. Let Carol go make her money in China!



Your email address is from Motoman.com. Are you saying you won't sell robots to your customers who are investing in China everyday? Smart move, let Seiko and Yamaha sell them the robots.

Lonnie Woodall

As efficient as our robots are, we don't sell a lot of them to countries like China. It's just to hard to justify the price of a robot when you have so many people working for slave wages. If the repubulicans stay in office much longer, we'll have the same problem here.


Now, now, now, don't blame it on the republican for Chinas rise.

I work for a small integrater with customers who are located here in the states and also Mexico and China. You'd be surprised at how much semi-automated and automated equipment is actually being done in both of the "slave wage" countries. China will surpass Mexico in the coming years with automated machinery.

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