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Apr 22, 2006


Evan Yares

OK... nice command, but the ACIS kernel has been able to do this trick from the day it was included in AutoCAD -- and competitive programs have had sweeps for years.

AutoCAD isn't some bargain basement wannabe CAD program -- it's a multi-thousand dollar program. Why get excited when it gets capabilities that it should have had a decade ago?

Tony Tanzillo

I have to agree with Evan.

We are seeing things appearing in AutoCAD, that have been available for in some cases, over ten years in competing products, and/or the underlying libraries that AutoCAD has been using for quite some time.

ACIS sweeps? That's really, really old news :-)

Tomislav Zigo

Does anybody remember Rhino 1.0 Beta (1996) Plug-in for Autocad. What were they waiting all these years? Don't you sometimes feel like the new features were withheld from being released just to be able to call them new 10 years down the road?


yes Rhinoceros 1 beta, but i think you mean Accumodel that was the Plug-in from McNeel that worked in autocad and could do sweeps (yes back in 96) TOMISLAV.

the foolish ways of autodesk, go figure the CEO is one of the Bush cronies, 'science' ya....

Ali Taheri

Tanck For this Post.

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