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Mar 31, 2006



"and then right-click. Windows pastes the path."

Good grief, I've been choosing "Edit-Paste" from the menu all these years since "Ctrl+V" doesn't work...

Thanks for the right-click tip...


"For example, how do you rename every file in a folder at once?"

I know this isn't your point, however in Windows XP they introduced the functionality to rename multiple files - just multi select, rename "one" of them and the rest with follow with an intellegent increment - (1) being the default, but you can manipulate this. Cheers.


Check out the "Open Command Window Here" PowerToy from Microsoft. Much easier way to get a command prompt in a folder from Explorer.


Dev Anand Teelucksingh

"...how do you rename every file in a folder at once?"

Ant Renamer (opensource)

Ant Renamer makes it easy to rename a large number of files at once. You can specify a list of files and can specify a sequence of renaming actions to apply to the file list, for example :

* move/delete characters
* replace characters with others,
* multiple string replacement
(eg replace "January" with "01", "February" with "02", etc)

For each renaming action you specify , there is a preview of what the renaming action does. You can then save the series of renaming actions to a batch file for future use and also preview the entire series acting on your specified list of files before actually doing so.

Another less powerful renaming program (but some may find simpler to use) is Oscar's File Renamer (freeware)

Dev T


Even better, just drag the folder from Windows Explorer and drop it on the command prompt.


How can you rename multiple files in a whole directory tree, i.e. include all files in sub-folders? I've tried every trick above but none seem to do this?

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