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Mar 09, 2006



my thoughts exactly. I have been trying to find something in the industry that's appropriate to talk about publicly...and failing. The only interesting thing is Dassault acquiring MatrixOne. Other than that, Martyn's prediction is coming true...nothing is changing


Evan Yares

If all you're doing is looking at industry press releases, you're not going to find anything.

- On my blog, I recently wrote (just a little) about the US National Building Information Modeling Standard. My bet is that Frank Moore, of Autodesk, would be tickled pink to talk about his vision for the future of BIM (Autodesk is a member of the NBIMS group, and from what I can tell, an enthusiastic supporter.)

- You could talk to Intergraph about why Colin Powell is actually a relevant keynote speaker for their conference. (Hint: ask about how their technology is being used in Iraq.)

- If you want something kinda cool, look at www.thecadproject.com, and talk to Henrik Vallgren about his vision of CAD API portability

- Mike Payne. Call him up and ask him what Gravelsoft is.

- If you like controversy, you could ask some of the major CAD players why Pro/E -- the CAD program that they all say is "history" continues to have the highest number of job postings in the industry.

I suppose it's all a matter of where you're looking, and what you're looking for. If you limit yourself to the top 5 CAD companies, you're going to come to the conclusion that nothing's changing. Personally, I can think of over 500 software companies that are doing stuff worth talking about, and every day I find new and interesting things in this industry. (Yes, I do think about more than just interoperability.)

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