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Mar 20, 2006


rachael Dalton-Taggart

A new company called iSeek Corproation is also headed in this direction although theirs looks like a network/server-based product. The 3D seek/Imagenistics idea looks like it is perhaps going beyond an enterprise.
Anyway, iSeek can be found at: http://www.iseekcorp.com/

and yes, they will be at COFES 2006. (sorry, can't resist!)

cad drafting services

google is going to rule the world!!


Following on from your example...
It sounds tantalisingly possible through vector formats such as SVG.

Which would bring the text matching back into the picture itself.

Tony Tanzillo

~10 years ago, IBM pioneered the concept of visual query by example (searching for graphical data using a representative example, such as a sketch).

While it was and remains a great idea, the computers of the day were not up to the task. Even today, it would tax all but the most powerful systems.

In our business, it would be a boon for those of us who are disorganized, and need find that one retaining wall section detail that we know we did once, twice or possibly three times over, but just can't remember precisely where any of them are right now.


Isn't this already done to some extend with scanning for fingerprints or face recognition programs?

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