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Mar 22, 2006


Randall Newton

You don't like black? It is like so in, you know?

If I cave in, and change it to something so bland, like white, then everyone will call me "capitulator" and laugh at me. Gosh, I don't know if I can handle that.

Useful tip for Firefox users:

View - Page Style - No Style.

No more black background!

Steve Johnson

As I'm typing this, the Ironic Tulips site background is neither black nor white, but rather a particularly insipid shade of pale khaki. The launch date has also been moved to 10 April. Technology issues, perhaps? The shareholders will be up in arms.

D**m? What's that supposed to be? Doom, perhaps? Dorm? DIMM? The last time I looked, "damn" ended with an N. What's going on with the spelling around here? It's gone to h**k.

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