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Jan 25, 2006


Evan Yares

One example of industrial archeology is the recreation of the USS Holland, the first boat in the US Submarine Service, commissioned in 1900. Gary McCue began the Holland project in 1992, when he was looking for something he could model using CATIA that could be used for public demonstrations.

Miles Hellon

As "Industrial Archeology" is a well established discipline, you might have thought they could have come up with a slightly more specific word to describe 3D graphic reconstructions.........


Another example of this is the Historic Fowler Gage airplane, which was modeled with yet another MCAD tool - Autodesk's Inventor, in this case. See http://inventorparts.com/ivug/FowlerGage/Index.htm

John Nolin

Similar work is being done in SolidWorks for 3 museums in the heart of the industrial revolution area.
Charles River Museum of Industry
Waltham, Massachusetts
Tsongas Industrial History Center
Boott Cotton Mills Museum
Lowell, Massachusetts
Manchester Historic Association
Millyard Museum
Manchester, NH
Great places to see new tech demonstrating old tech. When visiting in Manchester, remember to bring the kids up to the 4th floor for the SEE Science Center.

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